Zodiac Tri Expert Dual Salt Chlorinator

An expandable solution
Dual Link modules

TRi Expert is an expandable system for water treatment with salt electrolysis module:
Dual Link, automatic pH and chlorine regulator

Product Description

For which swimming pool? 

TRi Expert 10 TRi Expert 18 TRi Expert 22 TRi Expert 35
Volume of water treated
(temperate climate, filtration 8 hours/day)
 40 m³
70 m³
 100 m³
170 m³
Nominal chlorine production 10 g/h  18 g/h 22 g/h 35 g/h
Nominal output amperage 2,2 3,6 4,5 7,2


User interface:  4-line, backlit LCD screen

Languages: 7 (FR-EN-DE-ES-IT-NL-AF)

Operating mode(s):  Normal, Boost (100%), Low (shutter mode 10%)

Clock / Timer: 24 hr clock / 2 timers

Polarity inversion:  Yes: 2.5 or 5 hour (factory setting = 5 hour)

Recommended mineral level – minimum: 4 g/L – 3.3 g/L minimum

Safety features: 

“Low salt” indicator light: Reduced production to protect the electrode
“No flow” indicator light: Production is interrupted as long as conditions are not ideal
Mechanical flow detector.

Cell position: Horizontal

Compatible pipework:  DN50 mm, DN63 mm, 1½” (48 mm), 2” (61 mm)




Technical specifications

Cell life span* 10,000 hours (Titanium plates, ruthenium treatment SC6)
Power rating 195 W
Minimum flow rate (needed to purge air from the cell) 5 m³/hr
Maximum flow rate (limited by pressure drops in the pipe) 18 m³/hr (above this, by-pass required)
Maximum permitted pressure in the cell 2.75 bar (KPa)
Maximum water temperature 40°C
Minimum water temperature 5°C
Length of cable from control unit to cell 1.8 m
Protection index IPX3
Cell dimensions (W x H x D) 32.0 x 13.5 x 11.0 cm
Control unit dimensions (W x H x D) 31.0 x 33.0 x 11.0 mm
Power supply 50 Hz 220-240 VAC
*Under good operating conditions.


Unconditional guarantee: 3 years

Accessories included in the pack:
– Wall mounting kit
– Flow detector kit
– Glued reducers kit
– AUS format plug

Optional accessories or pre-mounted as standard depending on the model:
Dual Link module


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