Zodiac Robotic Cleaner Tyre Tile R0636400

Zodiac R0636400 – Tire / wheel rubber membrane for Vortex / OV / RV

Product Description

For a perfect adherence of the robot on the tiles, replace the original tire with this specific rubber membrane.

This wheel with suction cups is sold as an accessory.
It is suitable for:

– Zodiac Vortex 3 (front wheels)
– Zodiac Vortex 4 (front wheels)
– Zodiac Vortex 3 4WD (on all 4 wheels)
– Zodiac Vortex 4 4WD (on all 4 wheels)
– Zodiac OV 3300 (front wheels)
– Zodiac OV 3400 (front wheels)
– Zodiac OV 3500 (front wheels)
– Zodiac RV 4400 (front wheels)
– Zodiac RV 5400 (on all 4 wheels)
– Zodiac RV 5500 (on all 4 wheels)
– Zodiac RV 5600 (on all 4 wheels)

Original spare parts.



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