Zodiac Power Force 25 and 35

Economical and quiet
thanks to its Inverter technology

 The Inverter electric fan automatically adjusts the ventilation speed according to the circuit’s demand. This variable-speed fan, with automatic silent mode, makes the Power Force heat pump extremely quiet despite its high power (28 and 37 kW), and it can be adjusted to run more economically.

Excellent performance,

It is equipped with an electronic pressure regulator and a co-rotating scroll compressor, which give it excellent performance in any exterior conditions.  

All-season use

The reverse function, which works by inverting the cycle, gives you the option to use it all season, both for de-icing in winter (down to -8°C) and for cooling the pool in summer.

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Product Description

Data sheet

Equipement : 

  • Single block Air/Water Heat Pump
  • HP and LP safety pressure switch
  • Refrigerating fluid R 410 A
  • Titanium water exchanger condenser
  • Automatic defrosting using reversed cycle
  • Electronic expansion valve
  • Digital display regulator
  • Anti-freeze thermostat (stops at -12°C)
  • Inverter technology fan motor
  • Water flow switch
  • Anti-rust body
  • Remote control (option)
  • SCROLL compresso



Power Force 25 tri Power Force 35 tri
Operating power (kW) 33 45,5
Consumed power (kW) 6.1 8.6
COP 5.4 5.3



Power Force 25 tri Power Force 35 tri
Operating power (kW) 28,7 37
Consumed power (kW) 5,6 7.6
COP 5.1 4.9

Technical specifications

Recommended pool volume* (m3) Large pools of up to 200 m3
Average water flow (m3/h) 10
Hydraulic connection 3 piece union fitting, PVC, Ø50, glued
Electric power supply 400V / 3N / 50Hz
Nominal operating power (A) from 10.6 to 12.9 (depending on model)
Maximum operating power (A) from 14.2 to 16.1 (depending on model)
Power cable size 5×4
Acoustic power (dB(A)) from 70.3 to 70.6 (depending on model)
Acoustic power10 m (dB(A)) 42.3
Weight (kg) 205


2 years warranty

Optional accesories :

– Condensate Tray
– Remote control module
– HP Spray Cleaning Kit


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