Zodiac AquaLink® TRi

The most compatible pool-automation system

It can connect with Zodiac products and products by other brands, and it allows you to control your equipment with a computer, tablet or smartphone. *Only Zodiac iAquaLink™ technology is compatible with all mobile platforms. 


Product Description

Zodiac AquaLink® TRi

• Remote control device for pool equipment

• Connect up to 4 standard equipment items (such as filtration pump, lighting, robot cleaner, water blade or counter-current swim system, etc.); the heating system, whether by means of a dedicated connection, and several compatible Zodiac equipment items (TRi® salt electrolyzer and other Zodiac equipment soon to be available for sale).

• Remote control, using a Smartphone (iOS, Android or HTML5) or on the dedicated internet site: www.iaqualink.com.

• Simple menu-based configuration on the control box LCD screen

• Suitable for all type of existing in-ground private pools

• Examples of possible controls:

Heating / dosing pump / lighting / booster for pressure cleaner, waterfalls (PowerFall) / counter-current swim system

Technical specifications

Standard control (On/off management and programming) Filtration pump, heating, lighting, water features, pressure cleaner pump, etc.
Heating control (Water temperature management using integrated air and water temperature sensors) Any compatible heating system (heat pumps, heat exchangers, electric heaters, etc.)
iAquaLink™ intelligent control (Retrieval of information from connected equipment: pH value, ACL value, pump speed, etc.) “Zodiac TRi® salt chlorinator, variable-speed filtration pump*, etc. * Compatibility depends on model. Other iAquaLink™ -compatible equipment to come
Control unit dimensions

(W x H x D)

37 x 30 x 14 cm
Protection rating IP55 (waterproof)
User interfaces “Smartphone compatible* and website www.iaqualink.com Remote, with the AquaLink TRi® box”
Accessories “Air and water temperature sampling iAquaLink™ connection kit (WiFi or Ethernet) RS485 cable kit for iAquaLink™ connections Housing kit and cable extension for installation of control panel”


2 year guarantee.

Additional Information

Weight 8.6 kg
Dimensions 37 x 14 x 30 cm


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