Grillo Sodium Bisulphate

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Product Description

Sodium bisulphate is a pearly, white to slightly yellow product. It is odourless and easily soluble in water. Aqueous solutions react as acids. Sodium hydrogen sulphate is hygroscopic.

Sodium bisulphate is used, in particular, in water treatment, for instance in pH adjustments for swimming pool water.
We supply this product, which is a main ingredient of acidic cleaners for household , industry and dairies, to diverse market segments in the detergent industry.
Sodium bisulphate is also used in pet food, food production and for litter treatment in poultry farming.
As well as this, sodium bisulphate is used in textile processing, in the leather industry and in the metal industry.

Sodium bisulphate is shipped in
• 25 kg bags

Made in Germany


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