Zodiac Vortex 4WD RV 5600

The Zodiac RV 5600 Vortex PRO 4WD is a cut above the rest, engineered to provide the ultimate pool cleaning experience. The RV5600 is equipped with the best technology the industry has to over, making pool cleaning easier, ultra- efficient and fun!

For which pools ?

  • Types of pool : Private in-ground pools and above-ground pools with rigid walls, maximum 20 x10 m
  • Pool shapes : Rectangular, oval, free shape.
  • Floors : Flat, gentle slope, composite slope, diamond shape.
  • Pool Surfaces : Tiles, liner, polyester hull, reinforced PVC, painted concrete


Product Description

RV 5600
Vortex PRO 4WD

Data sheet

Description :

  • Cleaning areas:  Floor / walls / water line
  • Number / Length of cleaning cycles:   multiple programms to Floor, Floor / walls /  water line and water line only
  • Power supply: Autonomous, connected to 230V mains supply before the transformer
  • Steering: Pre-programmed
  • Drive system: 4 wheel drive
  • Transmission : Gear Transmission
  • Brushes : yes ( Contact + brushes)
  • Lift System : yes
  • Full filter indicator: yes
  • Remote control : yes
  • Safety : Deck system, out of water safety, diagnostic, electronic motor protector
  • Filtration system / access: Rigid Filter canister with access over the cleaner

Technical specifications

Number of motors 3
Control box supply 200-240 VAC ; 50 Hz
Power supply 30 VDC
Operating power 150 W
Cable length 25 m
Cleaner size (L x W x h) 43 x 48 x 27 cm
Cleaner weight 9,5 kg (Packaged weight 19,2 kg)
Filtering surface and level 1280 cm² / 100μ
Filtering capacity 5 L
Theoretical cleaning width 27 cm
Pump Flow 16 m3 / h


3 years Warranty 

Accessories included in the pack : 

– Trolley

– Control box

– Filter canister

– Motion sensing remote control

– Contact + brushes


Optional accessories (not included in the pack) : 

– Ultra-fine filter canister 60μ

– Large debris filter canister 200μ

– Fine debris filter canister 100μ

– Protective cover


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